Saturday, January 3, 2015

Peek a boo Pork and the sneak attack

I have read many accounts that other vegetarians have written about dealing with the holidays.  I have heard horror stories of parents being miffed about the "weird" food Vegan and vegetarians eat.  I have read about being told to scrape off the dead animal or eat around the carcass.
These things seem so trivial compared to what I experienced.

I was eating a salad and committing myself to not eating dinner as they had decided on steak.  And I was eatting the salad, and I thought it tasted..funny. Like it was smoky.  Since this family likes to use all vegetables in salads I figured it was a stir fry vegetable in the mix. 
And then I put it in my mouth.
It was a slimy, fatty, nasty piece of bacon.
I spit it out.
And though I tried to not cop an attitude my blood boiled.  They knew I was vegetarian...they had been reminded again before dinner.
And there was no reason for them to do this.
And I looked at the side dished and saw EVERYTHING was garnished with bacon.
The potatoes...the asparagus...even the nasty steak.
Just covered in death.**

There was nothing I could eat.

Then the person who cooked this meal basically said..get over bacon is delicious. you can just scrape it off.
To which I wanted to cant just scrape off death. I dont want to eat death today and fuck you for not telling me when you damn well knew what you were doing.

But out loud I said..I am not here to preach about my beliefs or lecture you about why I do not want to eat me as its my own choice.  And I will forgive you for this.
I glared at everyone all night.

I am sorry for being around people who do not fit me.

**( I call eatting meat eatting death..and I feel if someone chooses to eat meat they need to be aware that they are choosing to eat death and the need to ask them self if this is deserved or needed everytime before eatting.)