Saturday, January 3, 2015

Peek a boo Pork and the sneak attack

I have read many accounts that other vegetarians have written about dealing with the holidays.  I have heard horror stories of parents being miffed about the "weird" food Vegan and vegetarians eat.  I have read about being told to scrape off the dead animal or eat around the carcass.
These things seem so trivial compared to what I experienced.

I was eating a salad and committing myself to not eating dinner as they had decided on steak.  And I was eatting the salad, and I thought it tasted..funny. Like it was smoky.  Since this family likes to use all vegetables in salads I figured it was a stir fry vegetable in the mix. 
And then I put it in my mouth.
It was a slimy, fatty, nasty piece of bacon.
I spit it out.
And though I tried to not cop an attitude my blood boiled.  They knew I was vegetarian...they had been reminded again before dinner.
And there was no reason for them to do this.
And I looked at the side dished and saw EVERYTHING was garnished with bacon.
The potatoes...the asparagus...even the nasty steak.
Just covered in death.**

There was nothing I could eat.

Then the person who cooked this meal basically said..get over bacon is delicious. you can just scrape it off.
To which I wanted to cant just scrape off death. I dont want to eat death today and fuck you for not telling me when you damn well knew what you were doing.

But out loud I said..I am not here to preach about my beliefs or lecture you about why I do not want to eat me as its my own choice.  And I will forgive you for this.
I glared at everyone all night.

I am sorry for being around people who do not fit me.

**( I call eatting meat eatting death..and I feel if someone chooses to eat meat they need to be aware that they are choosing to eat death and the need to ask them self if this is deserved or needed everytime before eatting.)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sushi or Su-shit?

I made vegan sushi today.
It was seaweed, sweet potato and asparagus.  Of course with wasabi and ginger on the side.
And I was all happy because only one piece exploded on me.
And I posted it on facebook.
Then I get the comment  "i'd try it but i like fish"
And I do not know how to respond to that.

It is kind of rude. And at the very least annoying.  I am not posting it because I want to push a vegan agenda.  I was posting it because this is my third attempt at making sushi and the first time it didnt turn into su-shit.

And I would love to see more people make sushi at home, especially since most people lack the knowledge that it needs to be sushi/sushi grade fish.  Which means deep frozen for a set amount of time to kill parasites.  Mainly thats an American concept as in Japan it is not deep frozen, but why take chances of getting a parasite? 

I also do not understand what the point of making the fish comment was about when sushi bars sell sweet potato rolls and asparagus rolls? 

Really why even bother wasting the energy?

Also most people do not realize that when they crave a particular food it is because they want the flavor of the sauce the food is cooked in.
Hence the wasabi and soy and ginger. 

Open minds people.
Also not everthing a person does on facebook is a slight to another group of people.
Food for thought.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Carnivorous Cannibalism

Someday this will be seen as a social and mental disease....  
Perhaps people will look at this image with disgust and think how savage.  Much like how civilization today looks upon the act of cannibalism.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forks Over Knives

I am unable to put into words what I have learned from that documentary.  I think it is a great film to put on your netflix. 
It does NOT show animal abuse as I cannot watch those kinds of films, but it delves into the health aspects of veganism and how it benefits society and the self.
It is scientific but easy to understand.
It also shows the trail of money as to why the USDA doesnt care to advocate a meat free diet.
Since money is the root of all evil it was nice to pull out that weed.

Some day.... some day....
People will get it.

a girl at my job is going veggie for new years first to see if she can do it.  Im not sure if I have the faith in her to suceed but its the fact she cares enough to try.  She wants to be a hardcore tofu person...and I dont think tofu is nutritionally sound or really that good for you...and she has a possible wheat allergy..she and I kinda brainstormed some meal ideas, but I had to warn her that most veggie alternative premade "meats" are wheat based...
and i had to give her a run down on what gluten was..i was like omg.
she never heard of gluten.

i miss living in a cave.

i need to get a degree in nutritional science.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Update on mystery illness

No doctor knows what I have.  It is almost like the flu but not.  I was basically just really sick on my stomach and had weird aches and a fluttery heart.  I am doing better now that they have given me a script for zofran.  I have been able to eat again and my strength is back.
They also did a complete check up of my blood since I am vegetarian.

All my stats are perfect.
Iron, calcium,folate, b-12 ect...
She was impressed with my calcium stat.
So way to go veggie diet!!!

The doctor even knew what wheat protein was.  I was impressed with her.  Most of the doctors just tell me to eat more kidney beans, when you should actually eat more spinach (or kale) and black eyed peas.  And seitan is unheard of.

It is frustrating when doctors are not up with a simple vegetarian diet.  Imagine trying to explain vegan to them.  That would be very annoying. 
The seeds to make vegetarian a normal instead of a california hippy thing, were planted in my generation back in the 90's.  There was also a big push to teach my generation to recycle and other enviroment friendly things.
Some of those seeds are blooming now.
Are vegetarians the new weed in the proverbial garden...or a new breed of flower?

Egg Sandwhich Time Saver

This is why I love eggs.
Follow this link to a page that shows how to make a weeks worth of egg sandwiches in 15 mins.

I really love the ideas they have about adding spinach or broccoli. Eggs are a great source of protein and b-12.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I ate a piece of meat.
It was a thin slice of steak, and it did not taste at all like I remember meat tasting.
It was bitter and it didnt even look appealing.
But I have been feeling ill so I thought mabe I need this.
Now my stomach really hurts.

Whatever I did.
I made it worse.
Meat is not the answer.

The meat wasnt bad. But I just don't remember it tasting like that.  I think that gardein beef tips was a lot better.