Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sushi or Su-shit?

I made vegan sushi today.
It was seaweed, sweet potato and asparagus.  Of course with wasabi and ginger on the side.
And I was all happy because only one piece exploded on me.
And I posted it on facebook.
Then I get the comment  "i'd try it but i like fish"
And I do not know how to respond to that.

It is kind of rude. And at the very least annoying.  I am not posting it because I want to push a vegan agenda.  I was posting it because this is my third attempt at making sushi and the first time it didnt turn into su-shit.

And I would love to see more people make sushi at home, especially since most people lack the knowledge that it needs to be sushi/sushi grade fish.  Which means deep frozen for a set amount of time to kill parasites.  Mainly thats an American concept as in Japan it is not deep frozen, but why take chances of getting a parasite? 

I also do not understand what the point of making the fish comment was about when sushi bars sell sweet potato rolls and asparagus rolls? 

Really why even bother wasting the energy?

Also most people do not realize that when they crave a particular food it is because they want the flavor of the sauce the food is cooked in.
Hence the wasabi and soy and ginger. 

Open minds people.
Also not everthing a person does on facebook is a slight to another group of people.
Food for thought.

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