Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forks Over Knives

I am unable to put into words what I have learned from that documentary.  I think it is a great film to put on your netflix. 
It does NOT show animal abuse as I cannot watch those kinds of films, but it delves into the health aspects of veganism and how it benefits society and the self.
It is scientific but easy to understand.
It also shows the trail of money as to why the USDA doesnt care to advocate a meat free diet.
Since money is the root of all evil it was nice to pull out that weed.

Some day.... some day....
People will get it.

a girl at my job is going veggie for new years first to see if she can do it.  Im not sure if I have the faith in her to suceed but its the fact she cares enough to try.  She wants to be a hardcore tofu person...and I dont think tofu is nutritionally sound or really that good for you...and she has a possible wheat allergy..she and I kinda brainstormed some meal ideas, but I had to warn her that most veggie alternative premade "meats" are wheat based...
and i had to give her a run down on what gluten was..i was like omg.
she never heard of gluten.

i miss living in a cave.

i need to get a degree in nutritional science.

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