Saturday, October 25, 2014

Update on mystery illness

No doctor knows what I have.  It is almost like the flu but not.  I was basically just really sick on my stomach and had weird aches and a fluttery heart.  I am doing better now that they have given me a script for zofran.  I have been able to eat again and my strength is back.
They also did a complete check up of my blood since I am vegetarian.

All my stats are perfect.
Iron, calcium,folate, b-12 ect...
She was impressed with my calcium stat.
So way to go veggie diet!!!

The doctor even knew what wheat protein was.  I was impressed with her.  Most of the doctors just tell me to eat more kidney beans, when you should actually eat more spinach (or kale) and black eyed peas.  And seitan is unheard of.

It is frustrating when doctors are not up with a simple vegetarian diet.  Imagine trying to explain vegan to them.  That would be very annoying. 
The seeds to make vegetarian a normal instead of a california hippy thing, were planted in my generation back in the 90's.  There was also a big push to teach my generation to recycle and other enviroment friendly things.
Some of those seeds are blooming now.
Are vegetarians the new weed in the proverbial garden...or a new breed of flower?

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