Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cows are Angels--Dairy is the Devil

Everyone around me can thank dairy for being the scourge of evil that made me want to become Vegan.
I got my first taste of animal rights violations from a video I viewed of the Conklin Farms in Ohio and their mistreatment of the dairy cows and their calves.
It did not help I was pregnant at the time.
I felt this weird kinship with cows when I was pregnant.
And to see mother cows being stabbed with pitchforks, and forced to watch as their calf's heads where being stomped on by grown men, who should know better.
You could hear the calves screaming and the mother cows mooing in response.
I can imagine their terror and confusion and I could feel it.
And since I was pregnant when I viewed this, it made it much more harrowing.
I watched this video that can be found on youtube now. And I almost fainted. And I cried and I freaked out. And I vowed to kill this "farmer" and his employees.
And I tossed out all the milk and cheese and other dairy in my house.
Since I was pregnant, my stomach would go tight if I had a heightened emotional state and I could barely breathe.

I had never seen people performing atrocious acts on animals before.
I had no idea how cruel these industries are.
I had no idea how cruel people could be.
I had no idea that this happened.
I was blind.

But my eyes opened.

I was already having a severe reaction to milk while pregnant and seeing that sent me over the edge to not wanting milk in the house ever again.

It does not help the dairy industry, when I found it is in bed with the veal industry.
Calves are of no value to the dairy farmers as they take the milk. So what to do with them?
Sell them out for veal or to veal farmers. Who chain them down and not let them enjoy life.
Veal is cruel...that is common knowledge.
But if you drink milk you might as well eat veal. Because you are supporting them indirectly.

Milk can be hard to give up for most people.  It has addictive properties.  Cheese especially.
But dairy and its products are not healthy for most people.  It is full of deadly cholesterol and too many calories. Not to mention the hormones the cows are forced to get to produce more milk.  This in turn creates mastitis which requires antibiotics which weakens the strength of antibiotics for human use over time.

Think twice about that bowl of ice cream you are enjoying and realize that it is fill with tears and terror.

Cows are a wonderful creature that have allowed humanity to progress during our darkest days.  They are to modern humans what the Buffalo was to the American Indians.  The provider of clothing, and food.  An animal to be treated with respect. DESERVING of respect.
They are the spirit animal of the mother.
Never disrespect your mother.

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