Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dealing with Family Functions and Holidays

Sometimes I just want to scream.
Why does every single festivity have to be centered around food?
Holidays, birthdays, celebrations, funerals, graduations, weddings, ect...
All centered around food.  And I do not have a supportive family.  Meaning I am the only real vegetarian.  There is no support person to back me up on anything.
Even when I am surrounded by omnivores spouting off the most asinine bull.
It is exhausting.
I have taken to bringing my own awesome dish.

But heaven forbid you are at a BBQ and you bring a marinated portobello mushroom so you can have a burger too.
And if you are vegan it is even worse.
Everything has cheese o eggs hidden somewhere.
IT can be very frustrating.
The easiest thing to do is to bring a dish like a casserole that anyone can enjoy so that you are guaranteed a meal.
Or you can have your own party and make everything delicious and vegan/veggie.

How do other people deal with he frustration?
This website offers a plethora of recipes to share with omni- famiy and friends.

And tips for dealing with a functional family that cares about one another.

It is a bit harder with a hard headed family.
But sometimes you have to resign yourself to go without and just reward yourself with a nice meal at home later and a kombucha tea.

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