Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spread Some Good Karma Today

Respect for self
Respect for others
Responsibility for all you actions

Most people live a hurried life and they are very self absorbed.  It is hard for others too look outside themselves and see the big pictures. 
I was at the coffee shop this morning and they only had one barista and 3 people in line (me being the 2nd person in line).  The person behind me was giving off some bad vibes.  She was huffing and tapping her foot with her arms crossed.  She had parked in the handicap spot and I could see her car from the door and I knew she had no sticker to park there while there was ample parking around.
Basically this person was part of the rat race.
She needed to go go go and me me me.
This creates a bad vibe to others around..  It actually made me start getting anxious.  But I was determined to keep the coffee shop as my happy place.  I do not allow negativity there at least what I can control.
So she said under her breathe..."They only have one barista working?"
And I turned and said, "Yea, typically they have a change over around 10 am because it gets kinda dead. "
She replied,"I am used to star bucks where they get you in and out."

I do not personally like starbucks as I feel the chain has killed the spirit of a local coffee shop and is nothing more than a coffin of what a coffee shop is. Impersonal and dead.

But I was refusing to give in to this I asked her"Would you like to get in line in front of me?"
My drink generally takes a bit longer to brew because I do not imbibe in the drip coffee. I have a latte addiction.
She at first did not want to get in line but I convinced her to go ahead since she had somewhere to be and she did.   She said thank you and went about her day.

To me that is passing on good karma.
I kept her happy, so maybe she will see that the local coffee shop is a nicer place than starbucks.  The coffee speaks for itself and it better.  I got the coffee shop a few more $$ that might have otherwise walked out the door, which helps keep my favorite place in business.
And even if I do not see the immediate effects of passing on some good will, the fact is that energy is out there.

Pass on some good karma.
That is your homework for today.

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