Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where do you get your protein?

*Vegans get all the omega-3s they need from chia seed oil, flaxseed oil, linseed oil and walnuts.  No need for supplements or fish.

*The vegan diet provides iron through spinach, kale, and beans. Compared to these plant foods, meat is an inferior source of iron on a per-calorie basis, and therefore unnecessary.

*A person can get all the protein they need from eating a varied diets of whole foods so there is no need to rely on meat.  All food has some protein in it, some more than others.  Beans, seitan, tofu and veggies! Some people prefer meat analogues such as Gardein meatless meat but it unnecessary.

 When transitioning to a meat free diet many people will question how you are getting a nutritionally sound diet.  It can be annoying.  Especially since this lifestyle is new and strange to older people in extended families.
I am finding it hard to navigate family functions and holidays as they are centered around food.  Since I have a child I cannot just stop going to these functions, though I would love to have a life not so focused on food  .
Literally just yesterday I had to spend 20 mins explaining that I do not care if my boyfriend wants to eat what I do or not, he is an adult and can care for himself or he can eat what I do.   It is not my job to cook a separate meat based meal to perpetuate outdated standards of living.
However I cannot get mad at my boyfriend for not wanting to stay omni as I was not veggie when I met him and this is a huge life change.
Change can be scary for some people.
Some people feel attacked because I dont want to eat their meat foods.
Some people don't care.
I am surounded by the former.

I cant describe the abuse I have taken in the name of Veganism.
But I do it because I want to change the world and in order to do so I need to become the change I want to see in the world.

Why do you do it?
Feel free to comment.

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