Thursday, September 18, 2014

Self Imposed Rules...A new way of being

At an early age, it is taught to just about everyone that a meal consists of a main meat dish, a veggie side and some starch or grain like noodles or potatoes.
However, when a person goes veggie this thinking needs to change for obvious reasons.

It is not unusual for me to have issues creating a dinner plan.  When I alter my thinking on dinner it makes it a bit harder with new “rules” in place.  These old rules are self-imposed. 
Gardein and their line of mock meats helps a lot.  However, it is hard to think of beans or tofu as the new main course because it is not.  Tofu and beans are an addition to the dinner.
A nutritious meal is all about balance.
Salads get old quick and they are not calorie dense enough to fill you up for long.
Mushrooms are great filler and fill you up but are mainly water and very low calorie.
Potatoes are great.  They are very filling. Sweet potatoes are best and a staple of many vegan diets.
I am going on my second month of being veggie and I am feeling very overwhelmed about what to make to eat.  Almost obsessive compulsive and slightly anxious about food.  Which is odd because I was never conscious about food this much.  I believe it will pass after I get into the groove of eating veggie.
I hope. I cannot stand focusing on what to eat all the time. I want this to just become a natural way to be. 
But it is hard to break old self-imposed rules and create a new way of being.

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