Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why be protein obsessed?

Questions I ask myself and encounter about protein can include anything from...where do you get protein in a vegan diet? Are you crazy you are going to get sick without protein!! Protein digest slower so you feel full longer, aren't you hungry all the time?  You aren't going to deprive your child of protein and nutrients are you?

And ect...

But the real question is why is everyone so obsessed with protein?
Is protein even healthy for  you?

From body builders who add protein why to their after workout drinks, to the Atkins diet, Americans especially are obsessed with this notion that diets need to be high protein and that usually means eating meat.  Usually it is typical for Americans to over eat.

Eating to much protein can cause an array of health issues.

*Weight Gain being the most common.

*High protein diets like Atkins, promote the build up of ketones that can shut down the kidneys.
I only have one kidney so that is important information to me.

*Dehydration from kidneys not functioning properly
*Increased liver enzymes

A person needs about 40-70 grams a day.
one 100 calorie serving of seitan is 20 calories.  That is half of my needs in one meal. Not including the protein from the rest of the meal.
So do not worry about me friends. I am good.
But I should be asking you why do you want to overdose on protein so badly?

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