Friday, September 12, 2014

I am a Kombucha Mushroom Person

Kombucha tea is my new love.
Especially GT Synergy Cherry Chia.  The chia in the tea has a serving of Omega-3s so that I do not miss out on any nutrition and the probiotics from the tea itself is wonderful.  However, the price is daunting at about $4 a bottle. 
I have decided to make my own.
I am not sure how my family is going to respond to my desire to grow a SCOBY..basically a special form of mold or fungus that is edible.  But I do not care.
I love kombucha tea and it has replaced yogurt and kefir in my life. 

I am head over heels for Kombucha.
The tangy sweetness and the way the effervescent bubbles kiss my tongue. I am unable to get enough.

The process of making the tea is semi-involved.  It basically just takes times and patience.
It is made from black or green tea and time to ferment.
It smells awful.

Why are probiotics so deliciously addictive despite the smell?
I have no idea! Why do people like sour cream and pickles?  It is a matter of preference.

Unlike yogurt and kefir the probiotic found in kefir is called S.Boulardii.  The probiotic found in yogurt is usually LActobacilus.  The lacto refers to a dairy loving bacteria.  Boulardii is technically a yeast but this yeast is different from bread or the kind that causes vaginal infections.  This yeast is beneficial to the body and enhances the immune system and digestion.  It even kills candida albicans which is the yeast that causes infections.

Not everybody's tummy reacts the same to all probiotics but I think everyone should check this one out.  I always had problems with yogurt and kefir in the past and this particular food has really helped me out.  I no longer have any bloating, which makes my stomach look distended and unsightly.
And the tea itself is loaded with energizing vitamins.  So I have not even craved any caffeine, which cuts out soda and coffee.

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